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Knowing the architect

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My first memories of architectural origin (really design and creation in general) were my passion for drawing from a young age and later, imagining the variety of ways of sculpting space while perusing my Mom’s coffee table book on Japanese vernacular garden design as a teen. The relationship of inside rooms with the exterior; the framed views; the keen sense of proportion, balance, detail and pattern; the use of light and composition to create an experience from a place as humble as a view into a small back yard filled my mind as I pored over the photographs. In high school, I chose a book on a well-known architect for a book report and fell in love with regionalism in architecture, one that responds directly to its place, creating a thoughtful and efficient use of climate and culture.

I’ve worked for many fine commercial, institutional, healthcare, multi-family and single family residential architectural firms, and I consistently read up on all kinds of technologies, from Japanese and sailing knots to rainscreen systems to net-zero projects, hempcrete to micro-homes, furniture to light fixtures. I’ve worked in Florida for most of my career and the Southeast in general, so I am familiar with high wind construction and hot-humid climates. I’m a multi-generational Jacksonvillian, witness to many transformations in the local built environment and culture over time, grateful to have grown up with sand between my toes, connection to extended family, and river sunsets. I live and work in a historical neighborhood, so I am familiar with their special architectural, preservationist, or permit processes, as well
as their distinct cultures. Since starting my own firm, I have provided excellent custom waterfront home and site design for clients as well as simple converting use permit drawings for small business owners and
so much more.

I feel agency for the contribution of construction waste and natural resource use in my career field so I always strive to create as efficient, timeless and adaptive design as is available no matter the project type, budget or scale. Sustainability and resilience provide building occupants and society with a higher quality of living at a lower cost over time (to your pockets and Mother Earth), creating quality, timeless construction we all deserve. That’s also why I do a fair amount of pro bono and volunteer community projects. I keep a low overhead to give you a competitive but fair fee.

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